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13 Part Mini Reality Series

What is Camp Courage? It’s a week you will never forget!! Enjoy 13 episodes that aired on Eastlink’s ‘Woot’. Produced and Edited by Kevin Cowper of KCow Media.

What is Camp Courage? It’s a week you will never forget!! Enjoy our trailer above.

Firefighter and Founder Andrea Sperenza opens Day 1 of Camp Courage with an inspirational talk about the keys to success and Goal Setting! These young women of Camp Courage then find out what it takes to be a member of Search and Rescue. 

The young women of Camp Courage learn how to P.A.R.T.Y.

Preventing Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth is a program which focuses on helping teens make smart choices. It’s an important message which needs, and wants to be heard!

Think you have what it takes to be a Paramedic? It takes focus, skill, and the ability to handle pressure, which may include delivering babies! At Camp Courage, we have access to not only the tools of the trade, but some fantastic leaders. Who better to learn from, than everyday paramedics?

At Camp Courage, we have girls coming from all over Canada, including Mya from Ontario!  She’s about to get a lesson in imparied driving, as our young women get thier first insight into policing.

Can you feel that? It’s Adrenaline!!! And when you’re in hot pursuit of a suspect you have to be able to react and stay composed. One of many things being taught as the police sirens go off at Camp Courage.

At Camp Courage, we encourage everyone to let loose, and not hold anything back! What a better day to put those words to action, when learning self defense with the HRM Police Department.

Respect is another word used to define Camp Courage. Respect for each other, Respect for your mentors, and Respect for your equipment. The young women get a huge lesson in respect, when they take responsibility of a loaded weapon.

You’ve seen it on TV. Now here is your chance to particpate in the Fire Fighter Combat Challenge. It’s time to begin the firefighter portion of Camp Courage.

Here at Camp Courage, overcoming your fears is a big part in gaining confidence for the rest of your life. The phrase “I can’t” is not allowed.  Positive thinking and beleiving that you can do anything and everything is what gets you past your fears.

There is more to being a firefighter than just putting out fires. It is a job that requires skill, training, and believing in your abilities. If you can beleive it, you can acheive it.

The young women of Camp Courage are required on the last day of camp, to present a Goal Board.

It’s Graduation day as Camp Courage, finally comes to a close.