Guest Speakers

Kelley Hiltz


Kelley Hiltz has been a Registered Dietician since 1999.  In 2005, she opened her own business called Core Nutrition where she assists clients with a variety of different nutrition related concerns but has chosen to specialize in weight management and sports nutrition.  As a former varsity athlete, Kelley recognizes the importance of proper nutrition and hydration as it relates to athletic performance.  In an effort to pursue her passion in the area of Sports Nutrition, Kelley recently completed a Diploma in Sports Nutrition offered by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is presently only 1 of 13 Canadians with this qualification.

Rhonda Brassard


Rhonda Brassard is not only an inspiration to our young sisters but an inspiration to the female firefighters working this camp. She embodies the term pioneer and was firefighting before some of us were born. Her story is one of strength and success that is really the flag of what camp courage is all about. She has had a firefighting career of over 30 years and is now working as a Crash rescue firefighter for the Halifax International Stanfield Airport. Rhonda was the second woman to be accepted in the military firefighter program. Her struggles opened the doors for many of us.

Tricia Fernandes


Tricia Fernandes is a Forensic Anthropology Technician for the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner Service (NSMES). The Mississauga Ontario native is completing her Masters of Science in Applied Science at Saint Mary’s University (SMU). Tricia is working under the supervision of Dr. Tanya Peckmann, associated professor at SMU and forensic anthropology consultant for the NSMES. Tricia holds an Honours Bachelor of Science specializing in physical anthropology and majoring in biology. She is currently working on her disseration which involved fire, decompostion and taphonomy. Tricia plans to complete her degree by the end of 2010. She is a very welcomed addition to our team and a great example for our young women.

Kristin Roe


Kristin Roe is a life-long AIDS activist and lover of all things water-related. Her next adventure is to swim the English Channel in July 2010! Currently a graduate student with the St Francis Xavier University’s Coady International Institute and an employee of the IWK Health Centre, Kristin has an exciting background of public speaking, community development, and working and volunteering throughout the African continent. In 2005 Kristin began her dream of swimming across the Northumberland Strait while raising awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS, specifically the Stephen Lewis Foundation. While living in South Africa in 2006, Kristin became the first Canadian to swim the icy waters between Robben Island and Cape Town. On July 26, 2008 Kristin swam a treacherous crossing of the Northumberland Strait again, this time TWICE. This 30km crossing is worthy of her 15 hour crossing- she successfully raised $80 000 to support the communities fighting HIV/AIDS, namely the Stephen Lewis Foundation and Farmers Helping Farmers. This next adventure is perhaps Kristin’s most challenging and most exciting to date! In July 2010, Kristin will attempt a solo crossing of the English Channel to raise $100 000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Nova Scotia Gambia Association. She can’t do this alone though. Contact Kristin to offer support, help plan an event and see how you, your school or your business can donate! Kristin is now based in Halifax, Nova Scotia but grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. She is a proud alumnus and valedictorian of the University of Guelph.  Her web site is

Sue Fowler


Sue Fowler is one of those rare people who thrive on challenge and change, especially when it will benefit others. Sue started embracing big changes at a young age when she left her home town of Dartmouth, NS and moved all the way across the country to Victoria BC. She faced the challenges of single parenthood by going back to university as a mature student and then by relocating to Ottawa with her 10-year old son to start a new career. Sue worked in the finance industry for 20 years in many different roles, where she continually challenged herself with more complex responsibilities and on-going continuing education. After returning to Nova Scotia in 1997, Sue was able to combine her challenging day job as an investment advisor, with continual volunteer roles ranging from fundraising, to palliative caregiver, to regional board chair and national board director. She also managed to find time to throw in a fundraising climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, become an avid cyclist, and to make a dramatic career change from the investment industry to the not-for-profit sector. Truth to be told, Sue doesn’t consider herself to be a motivational speaker because she is just doing what comes naturally to her. No one was more surprised than her to find out that other people wanted to hear about her experiences which meant she had to face another one of her challenges – public speaking.

Lori Taylor


Lori Taylor has been a fitness instructor/personal trainer for the past 15 years. She has an array of experience working with athletes and non athletes alike, with clients ranging from age 6 to 90 years old. Lori also has a huge love of the outdoors; and, has completed a number of wilderness survival courses including a 30 day instructor training wilderness course with Outward Bound. She often works as an Adventure team builder encouraging people to push beyond their comfort zones. Lori herself has competed in countless Adventure Races from 4-24 hours in length; as well as, running, biking, paddling & orienteering races. In 2009, she ran her first marathon in Edinburgh, Scotland; and, in January, 2010, she summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro as a fundraiser for African orphans. Lori is a proud single mom of 4 athletic teenagers; and, a active black lab dog. Lori’s website is :