How to Apply

Each person has the opportunity to submit an application until March 31st at midnight.  You can update or change your essay until the March 31st deadline. We will confirm receipt of your application via email.  If you don’t hear from us, please contact us immediately to ensure we have received your essay.  

The Selection Committee will be given the applications excluding candidates’ names, each essay will be marked according to our marking criteria, LINK, marks will be compiled, candidates selected and notified in May.  If there are many applicants an interview process may be implemented. 

Once selected you will be given a code to access the registration forms on line which are due by May 15th.

There are no registration fees to attend Camp Courage, but there is a catch: You must complete what you describe in your essay to better your community and improve someone else’s life.

Donations are accepted for the improvement of this initiative.