“I learned that it doesn’t matter if you fail or have to try a million times to at what you want, just keep on trying because something good will eventually come from all the hard work.”
Charla, 15

“You showed me how to trust me and be a happy person.” Emma, 15

“To never give up and to help others find their strengths and encourage them to do their best.” Brittany, 16

Inspiration received from Camp Courage “self respect, determination & guts, physical fitness … show myself the sky is the limit… taught me self strength.”
Jocelyne, 17

“I have learned to support everyone no matter how hard it may be, that if there is no pain, there is no gain, that you can not have the word “can’t” in your vocab, that the only obstacles that are placed before you are the ones that you have created for yourself, that women are strong not only mental, but damn physically too.”
Taigan, 18

“Thanks for giving me some of the best days of my life, and the experiences of a life time.” Amber, 16

“I’ve become more confident about myself, overcame fears, and found my inner strength that I didn’t even know I had, and lastly to always believe to achieve!”
Alanna, 16

“This camp, I would have to say was the best experience of my life. I tried new things, learned so much and gained new friends.”
Julie, 18

“When I am ready to quit I will suck up my blood, sweat, and tears and remember your smile and spunk, giving me courage and strength to continue regardless of what I have to go through to achieve my goals in life.”
Jessica, 17

“Thank you for showing me that I can do anything… for showing me how to face my fears and accomplish the “impossible”, … for giving me the best times of my life, … for the zillion and once in a life time opportunities and experiences, … for accepting me here and introducing me to all these amazing people! Thanks x 239860001”
Erin, 17

“That woman can do anything, and everything that men do!”
Tabitha, 17

“I have learned more than I ever could have dreamt of in Camp Courage and I know this camp will greatly effect the contribution of more females in these types of jobs in the workforce.” Whitney, 18

“I wish this camp was longer!!!”
Melissa, 17

General Quotes

“Because of this camp I CAN! Do anything.”  Katie, 18

“You really have changed my whole attitude…I found myself having a more positive attitude.”  Tamika, 18

“…helped me gain self esteem, self confidence, and to come out of my shell.”  Kodi, 17

“Helped make myself a better person.”  Angelic, 18

“I faced my fears and I am also more confident about myself.”  Natasha, 18

“I was scared at first but now I’m confident in myself.”  Jackie, 18

“I believe in myself more than ever.  You inspired me to be happy again” Camillia, 19

“Females can be whatever they want, in any profession.”  Maggie, 15

 “Always challenged to do more. Encouraged you to be your best, 100% of the time.”  Camillia, 19

“It all was amazing.”  Tamika, 18

“I feel I can take on the world.”  Megan, 16

How will you apply what you have learned…”Never give up, think positive about myself and never say I can’t do anything.”  Ashley, 16

“It was fun and I was accepted for who I am.” Angelic, 18

“Never say ‘I can’t’.  I know I can do it.  Never give up.”  Jacky, 18

“I can achieve anything.”  Sera, 17

What you disliked about the camp “that it ended, nothing x 5, it was not over night, having to say good bye to all the great people that I have met, early mornings x 4, leaving, it was perfect.

About the staff….

Very positive, funny, amazing people, wonderful, super people, incredibly friendly, humorous, loads of encouragement, felt very supported, very fun and approachable, lots of encouragement, support us 100%, helpful and very fun, clear instruction and encouragement, fab demonstrators, easy to talk to, encouraged me continually, patient, nice, incredible, amazing,  informative, kind, inspiring, good instructors, great, enthusiastic, encouraged me to keep going, I got amazing support, truly amazing people, they motivated me to finish my tasks, they give you the confidence to do anything, great leaders, I want to be on the team…..and many more.

Paramedic Days

“I know more coming from the camp.”

“Very fun challenges.”

“I liked the challenges they were interesting.”

“Very enjoyable!!!”

“Great job!  Lots of fun.  I will really miss you.”

“I didn’t know anything when the camp began.”

“It was an enjoyable experience that I will remember for a long time.”

“I felt challenged with different scenarios.”

“My mind is now filled with useful information.”

“Everything was new to me.”

“It was an amazing experience.”

“I liked the movie about the car crash.  I realize that I always need to wear a seatbelt.”  Natasha, 18

“I enjoyed this experience.  I would do it again.”  Maggie, 15

“Great eye opener to the profession.”  Camillia, 19

“I liked the dummies that talked.”

“I really enjoyed the party program.”


Police Days

“It was so much fun.”

“It was very cool.”

“Cops are just like us but cooler.”

“I learned a lot of neat things.”

“Loved the dogs.”

“There was a lot of new experiences.”

“There was a lot of hands on.”

“I enjoyed handcuffing people.”

“It was really interesting.”

“I learned many things I didn’t know.”

“I would love to be a police officer.”

“I had fun, learned new things and have complete interest in this career.”

“I liked lifting the finger prints.”

Fire Days 

“I face my fear of confined spaces.  I cried a little but I got all the way through!”

“It was fun learning new tasks.”

“The trailer was tough.”

“It was the funniest days of my life.”

“The combat was amazing.”

“Great leaders.”  Megan, 16

“I wanna be on the team.” Meghan, 16

“The activities were great.”

“I loved learning about this.”

“Some things were hard (confined space) but it was within my reach.”  Maggie, 15

“It’s everyone’s dream to be taught to demolish and destroy something.”  Maggie, 15

“I had a hard time with the breathing apparatus and the ladder climb but I definitely had fun, and I clearly survived.”  Maggie, 15

“There were so many challenges I face and I achieve them all.” Tamika, 18

“This was the most amazing part of the camp ever.  I couldn’t believe everything I achieved.  All of the people that made this happen are truly amazing.”  Tamika, 18

“Great eye opener to the profession.”  Camillia, 19

 “Because of this camp I CAN! Do anything.”  Katie, 18

“You really have changed my whole attitude…I found myself having a more positive attitude.”  Tamika, 18

“…helped me gain self esteem, self confidence, and to come out of my shell.”  Kodi, 17

“Helped make myself a better person.”  Angelic, 18

“I faced my fears and I am also more confident about myself.”  Natasha, 18

What I learned…”Never give up, think positive about myself and never say I can’t do anything.”  Ashley, 16

“Never say ‘I can’t’.  I know I can do it.  Never give up.”  Jacky, 18

“I can achieve anything.”  Sera, 17

“I wanna be on the team.” Meghan, 16

To be everything I can be and more.  Anything is possible.  Katherine, 17
To fight for what you want.  Kristen, 15
I’ve been negative toward myself.  I can do whatever I want.  Jasmine, 17
That it’s not that I think I’m amazing at everything it’s just I have nothing to lose by trying!  Jasmine, 17
This camp inspired me to just be myself and do what I want to do with my life.  Nicole, 15

I can do anything I put my mind to.  Olivia, 16
I will try my hardest at everything I do.  Olivia, 16
Once I finished something, I felt amazing.  Emily, 17
I’ll be more confident and physically fit.  I’ll plan my goals.  I’ll know I can do anything and I’ll be an awesome firefighter.  Katherine, 17
That there is definitely no such thing as “CAN’T”!  Beth, 18
Step out of my comfort zone.  Emily, 17
I have the courage to do anything.  Emily, 17
I’m more confident now that I can do anything.  Amanda, 15
Camp Courage encouraged me to be what I want and I really needed that.  Ayesha, 17
I should believe in myself.  Do what I’m passionate about.  Not let other people or things stop me from achieving my goals.  Ayesha, 17
I especially liked how the camp made me feel so empower and determined. Kierra, 15
I gained a TON of self-confidence.  Nicole, 15
I can do anything I want as long as I try.  Ashley, 15
To pursue my goals better.  Naomi, 17
To apply myself to my academics. I will be able to with my new found confidence. Naomi, 17
I especially liked the camps way of getting people to believe in themselves.  Ayesha, 17
Made me feel better about myself.  Meredith, 18
I can do anything I put my mind to.  Meredith, 18
I can do whatever I want.  I will put my best into everything.  Jillian, 15
That I can do better.   Mariah, 18
I felt inspired to work hard, push myself and succeed.  Kierra, 15
I have more respect for what you guys do.  Jasmine, 17
Be positive, and do not give up.  Jasmine, 17
I was supported but challenged.  Beth, 18
I’ve gotten so much stronger and I feel a lot healthier now.  Katherine, 15
I learned a ton of new things and I am proud of what I did.  Amanda, 15
All the safety precautions made me not even worry about getting hurt, so I could just focus on the fun.  Kierra, 15
Everything was made for us to be successful.  Nicole, 15
Camp Courage made an enormous difference on my life.  Jillian, 15
I am a much stronger person.   Katherine, 17
Learned something new everyday.  Meredith, 18
I have more self-confidence, and am excited to show everyone.  Emily, 17
I always knew I was going to be safe no matter what.  Emily, 17
The challenges presented were difficult, but I found I could do anything if I set my mind to it.
Kierra, 15

I love that we were pushed to our limits.  Nicole, 15
I will use what I learned at Camp Courage every day to be more confident.  Kayla, 15
It made me a better person.   Mariah, 18
Challenging …in a good way.  Maya Lyn, 15
 I can do anything.  Katherine, 17
This is the best camp I’ve been to.  Ayesha, 17
I was able to complete all the physically activities, even the physical ones that seemed difficult. 
Arielle, 18
I’m so happy I got to experience all this.  Maya Lyn, 15
Fun, Educational & Interesting.  Beth, 18
This camp has given me great insight into these 3 careers.  Ayesha, 17
I had a ton of fun x 1,000.  Mariah, 18
Loads of fun.  Emily, 17
This camp was all about fun.  Ayesha, 17
It was a great experience.  Ashley, 15

I’m not sure if the police call was fitness but that was wicked.  Kristen, 15
I have always wanted to be a police officer because I like to help people and I’d like to have a career which shows that I’m making a difference.  Ayesha, 17
I want to be a police officer because I want to help the communities.  Nicole, 15
It was very empowering for me to learn tactics to defend myself.  Arielle, 18
I really, really, really want to be an RCMP officer.  Kayla, 15
This camp has gave me great insight into policing.  Ayesha, 17
I would like to be an ERT just so I could be the first female ERT.  Emily, 17


I didn’t think I would have learned that much.  Kristen, 15
I’m proud of your work.  Jillian, 15
Two days made me want it more!  Kristen, 15
I didn’t know anything about delivering a baby, CPR and Heimlich…now I think I could actually use these methods.  Maya Lyn, 15
I want to finish school and do para medicine.  Sarah, 16
I want to be a paramedic.  Leisha
I would like to be a paramedic.  Jasmine, 17

I want to be a hero and walk into fire.  Katherine, 17
I learned so much on fire days it’s unbelievable.  Jillian, 15
I never realized how diverse a firefighter’s work is.  It’s an amazing job and I thank you for giving me this opportunity.  Maya Lyn, 15
I loved climbing the ladder and repelling, those were my biggest fears, and I accomplished them.  Olivia, 16
I would like to be a firefighter x 1,000.  I am going to be a firefighter.  Mariah, 18
I learned how to use breathing apparatus and how to cut up cars.  Kayla, 15
I’m going to be a fire firefighter.  Emily, 17

Camper’s Comments on Instructors

So helpful, knowledgeable, awesome, amazing, good instructions, excellent, very approachable, very informative, very nice, very  supportive, friendly, kind, informative, understanding, helped me get past my fears, made sure we understood, loved my mentors, things were well explained, gave good advice to complete tasks, made me feel safe, everyone was easy to talk to, great, they made it fun, they were equal to everyone, good, encouraged me not to quit, wonderful supporters, cheered me on, fun to talk to and ask questions, my mentors were patient and calm, explained everything slow and clear, fun, relateable, funny, they believed in me and helped me successfully complete everything…the Campers

General Comments

“At Camp Courage they help you if you need it, you wouldn’t have to do it alone everything as a team.”  Dalise, 18
“I feel like I can do anything.”  Michelle, 17
“I definitely have more respect for Police Officers, and they aren’t scary anymore!”  Chantel s, 18“
“I got inspired to work harder.”  Naomi, 17
“It made me think to never give up and always do your best.”  Laura, 17
“Gave me a more positive outlook on life.”  Kayla, 15
“I feel like an even stronger person even after everything I’ve been through.”  Alicia, 17
“Doing all this just gave me so much more respect for what they do.”  Julie, 15
“I learned how fit you have to be.”  Fallon, 15
“I met amazing women, and they made my experience fun.”  Bethany, 17
“It was very cool and I learned how to do IV’s, give birth and the thing down the throat.”  Natasha, 17
“Had fun time shooting and the golf carts.  I really enjoyed the self defense.”  Natasha, 18
“I really enjoyed the ladder and extrication and repelling and confined space :  )”  Lauran, 16
“I’m very proud I did this camp.”  Jamiee, 15
“I wish it could have been longer!”  Bethany, 17

Future Paramedics

“I want to be a paramedic sooo bad!”  Chantel, 18
“Everything was new.”  I am now considering being a paramedic.  Lauran, 16
“I will be a paramedic.”  Victoria, 15
“It has inspired me even more to have a career in paramedicine.”  Julie, 15
“I am most positive I want to go forth to the paramedic field.”  Natasha, 17

Future Police Officers

“Policing was a huge interest to me and it is the job I am looking forward to hopefully do.  Laura, 17
“It’s my dream and passion, I’m all about becoming a police officer.”  Bethany, 17
“Two of the best days of my life.  My dream is to become a police officer.”  Emily, 15      
“After the two days I didn’t look into policing until now.”  Natasha, 18
“Being a police officer is a goal of mine.”  Alexa, 16
“I will be an RCMP Officer.”  Naomi, 17

Future Firefighters

“Everything was new to me.  It was amazing.  I will be a firefighter.”  Kayla , 15
“Firefighting is the best job in the world to me and I would like to save someone’s life.  I want to be a firefighter really bad.”  Natasha, 18
“I had sooooo much fun, best two days of camp.  Heck yeah I want to be a firefighter!”  Katie, 17
“I would like to become a volunteer firefighter.”  Alexa,1 6
“I am interested in being a firefighter now and this was a great experience.”  Michelle, 17
“I didn’t want to become a firefighter when I came.  And now I want to be a volunteer.  I came wanting to be a paramedic.   Now I’m leaving wanting to do both and will.  Thanks so much! “Victoria, 15

Camp Overall Evaluations
“I have a lot more strength to reach for my goals.”  Savannah, 18
“Camp made me a much better person.”  Shernisha, 19
“Thanks to everyone who made this camp amazing!  Unforgettable!”  Maridith, 15
“I did it all it was hard but I did it.”  Andrea, 17
“I never got board while listening.”  Marja, 15
“All volunteers are amazing and made the moments memorable.”  Samantha, 18
“Somethings were hard but so worth while.”  Danielle, 16
“The mentors were always there to wipe our tears or push us that extra bit further.”  Jessica, 17
“All the mentors cared about ever one of us!”  Jessica, 17
“I liked the disaplin and structure of this camp.  The punishment was very good and nessacary I thought.”  Marcia, 16
“In tough situations I can use a whole bunch of stuff to get through.”  Marcia, 16
“I learned a lot, had new experiences and fun experiences and faced some fears.  I feel more determined, confident and have a better mind set to go out and accomplish my goals.”  Samantha
“This has been the best experience of my whole life.  Thank-you so much for letting me have the time of my life.”  Jessica
“This was one of the best experiences of my life.  I will always remember how you have changed my life.  This experience has helped me decide what I want to do in my future.”  Sarah
“This camp is the most amazing camp I have ever attended.  With all the smiles, laughs and a few tears I learned many, countless lessons that will help me reach my goals and become an all around better, strong female.”  Savannah
“I want to thank you so much for this chance to come to Camp Courage.  I think that it has helped me grow as a person.  I’m even thinking of maybe becoming a volunteer firefighter!”  Marja
“I will always remember this week because it has taught me so much and helped me realize I can do anything I want to do even when other people tell me I can’t.”  Colleen
“I’ve learned so much this week, it’s unbelievable.  I’ve done things I couldn’t have done anywhere else.  I’ve met many new friends and I’ve discovered a new confidence in myself.   I know now that I really can do whatever I want, no matter what other people say, as long as I put my mind to it.  P.S.  I’m going to do push ups every day now :  )  because I CAN!”  Maridth
“I’ve learned that our background may influence we are, but we are responsible for who we will become.  I’ve learned more about who I really want to be … the best I can be each and every day.”  Kaylee
“People can’t give what they don’t have’ is one part of this week that I will keep with me forever.”  Melissa

Paramedic Evaluations
“I learned sooo much!  I have already been telling everyone :  )  I loved giving needles and the birth was really interesting.”  Melissa, 17
“I would like to be trained in paramedicine to become an international aid worker.  Great to be able to work with the dummies, wish more opportunities with such were available.”  Paige, 18
“Everything they showed was something new to me.  I recommend this camp to ALL young women.”Chelsea,19
“Now I could deliver, give needle, CPR ect…  This has inspired me to save lives.  They were great mentors I would love to see them all in the near future.”  Danielle, 19
“Every teacher was amazing.”  Samantha, 18
“Wish I could do this more than once!”  Marja, 15
“There were fears I had but the woman helped me concore them.” Darian, 16
“All the mentors were positive and loved every minute and the confidence in us.”  Shernisha, 19
“I’m debating between paramedicine and policing.”  Kaylee, 15
“Very fun.  I would like to be a paramedic.”  Andrea, 17
“I loved intibating someone and giving the needles.  I want to become an advanced care paramedic.  Jessica, 17
“SO MANY useful skills!  Medical definitely interests me!  Loved the hands on activities and we had many laughs!  Loved the stories from the mentors!!”  Maridith, 15

Police Evaluations
“All new challenges but was able to complete.  During the gun exercise I felt safe and taught properly.  It`s my goal to be a police officer.  I had an amazing time.”  Samantha, 18
“I did but now I`m having second thought have to do a lot of work.  Had a good time learning about the stuff they do and how they do it”  Jonetelle, 15
“The instructions the instructors told us nearly gave me confidence.  I learned a whole lot about policing.  The shooting/video game was my favourite.  My dream is to become a police officer.”  Chardinnai
“Learned  a lot of new things.  SO much fun!  Such positive and amazing people to look up to!  I have wanted to be a police officer since I was young.  Perfect job!”  Jessica, 15
“The instructions were detailed.  Everything they told/showed us was a learning experience.  I would like to be a police officer more than anything.  This experience helped me out in every view I needed to continue my dream of becoming a police officer.”  Chelsea, 19
“I will remember these skills forever!  Loved shooting!  Great program!  I learned SO much and loved every minute of it!”  Maridith, 15
“Let’s just say I loved everything!”  Shernisha, 19
“Very interesting to learn the ins and outs.  Answered all questions with great answers and a smile.  Dream job.  Made it very interesting and made me aware that I can do it.  I had a great time and all the mentors were great.”  Savannah, 18
“It was a lot of fun to do all of the hands on activities.  I learned a lot, everyone was really encouraging.  This experience will help me choose my future career.”  Sarah, 17
“I only know nice police officers.  It’s a possibility that I would become a police officer.”  Bethany, 17
“I learned things I never ever knew.  I’ve been thinking about becoming a police officer.”  Danielle, 16
“Very fun.  Loved the range.”  Andrea, 17

Fire Evaluations
“This experience has definitely opened my eyes to become a fire fighter.”  Sarah, 17
“I’m going to volunteer for sure.” Savannah, 18
“I did everything that I thought I couldn’t.  I overcame my fear of heights.  Lots of new things were presented to me I really liked the combat challenge.  I want to be a firefighter.” Colleen, 18
“So much stuff I couldn’t learn anywhere else.  I can’t even explain how much fun.  A rewarding and challenging job!  Could see myself doing in the future!  Fire was most challenging but most interesting and rewarding, loved it!”  Maridith, 15
“Extremely challenging at some points but it was worth it.  I feel I can do anything after this.  I think I will volunteer.”  Melissa, 17
“I might volunteer when I am older.”  Marja, 15
“I’m thinking about being a firefighter.”  Shernisha, 19
“I felt really safe.  I would like to be a fire fighter.”  Jessica, 15
“I had lots of tears but lots more laughs.”  Jessica, 17
“Repeling was hard but it was also amazing.  The ladder was the best.  It was an amazing experience.” Danielle, 16
“The challenges were beyond my reach, it was good.  I learned more than anything.  I had the most fun in forever!  I absolutely want to be a firefighter.  Thank-you so much for all the hard work you put in for us!”  Chelsea, 19
“The confined space was hard.  I would like to be a firefighter.”  Hillary, 16
“I will be a firefighter.”  Danielle, 19

Paramedic Day Comments
Paramedic days-they are a hue influence in my life; I loved all the paramedic experiences;I can’t wait to pursue a career in paramedicine and extend my knowledge; I will take what I learned to Paramedic School  Shayla
Loved paramedic obstacle course & all the practical hands on; I will use these life skills I gained here in many aspects of my life, including school.  Courtney
Want to be a paramedic because they are amazing, helping people who can’t get to the hospital.  What you guys do for a living is amazing!  I loved every minutes of it.  Alysha
I learned soooooo much; had extreme fun; want to become a paramedic & volunteer firefighter.  Christina
I would like to be an ACP Medic.  Hannah
Would like to be a paramedic.  Kaylee
I would like to be a firefighter/paramedic.  Victoria

Police Day Comments
I loved chasing the perp. These two days have been the most interesting to me.  Rebecca M.
Want to be a police officer because I want to help stop crime.  Megan M
I really need to become a police officer.  Debbie
Really liked ERT & forensic investigation; I think I want to work as a mounted police officer-I love helping people & the job will never be boring.  I want to be a police officer so bad now!!  Such an amazing couple of days.  Julie
Hopefully will become ERT or/and work in major crimes. Candice
Being RCMP definitely made it’s way onto my list of possibilities.  Christina
Learned about fire arms. Had a blast! Goal is to be an RCMP Officer so I can help people for the rest of my life.  Haley
I WILL be a police officer.  Madison
Always wanted to be a police officer-the camp made that choice easier.  Claire

Fire Day Comments
Liked the combat challenge and whiplash.  Amazing two days. I climbed the ladder!  Shayla
The best two days of my summer, maybe of my year – I love firefighting; would love a career as a firefighter.  Courtney
Everything was great; had tons of fun; would possibly become a volunteer.  Emma
This was my favourite unit; so thrilling & hands on, very instructive; learned so much-the greatest time of my life. Rebecca M.
Awesome time! Loved it! Becoming a firefighter is a possibility.  Megan M.
I would love to be a firefighter.  Madison
I love the stations we did; I may become a firefighter because I loved their skills.  Sare
Everything was really fun and everyone was supportive when I climbed the ladder; I will probably be a volunteer firefighter. Kaylee
I loved the combat challenge & repelling; I’m thinking of volunteering after camp.  Candice
I would like to be a volunteer.  Christina
It was funnnnnn!! & yes I doooo want to be a firefighter.  Megan Z.
I have learned so much it is unbelievable; the best time of my life – truly!  Thank you from the heart of my bottom! You will see me around HRM in a couple of years as a career!  Christie

General Comments
Everything was fun but challenging- Victoria; Challenges were hard but I did it-Emma; Challenges hard but awesome-Megan M.; Challenges were scary but attainable- Haley; Challenges were tough but had support; instructors were always by our side-Kelcie.
Mentors helped shape the person I am becoming; everyone helped support me; showed me I can even if I was scared. Kaylee
Instructors gave me confidence to complete each; you could ask mentors anything; if you didn’t want to do something they were encouraging.  Alysha
Instructors were always positive.  No one ever doubted our abilities.  Claire
I learned a lot and had lots of fun.  Megan Z
I was always excited/ready for what’s next.  Candice
I feel like I can take that confidence back to my station and use it for life.  Christie
I will use these life skills I gained here in many aspects of my life, including school.  Courtney
I can put nutrition and fitness to use in the future; guest speakers touched our hearts in special ways; mentors were amazing & helpful; Camp Courage made me a better person; learned to believe in myself; I will apply what I learned to work harder & reach my goals.  Kelcie
I now know I need to work out; speakers were inspiring; I feel like I can do anything; Camp courage has inspired me -that you really can do anything you put your mind to, to believe in yourself & not let others tell you different & let them bring you down; I will tell myself I can, instead of I can’t.  Emma
I felt supported; Camp Courage positively affected my self-confidence – the whole experience was awesome; I especially liked the opportunity to attend-meeting everyone and making new friends; Camp Courage inspired me to never give up and teamwork.  Shayla
Camp Courage made me realize you can do anything.  It inspired me – that I can do everything and to never say can’t; I will stop saying can’t and judging others.  Hannah
Inspired me to never give up & don’t say the “c” word (can’t); I will apply what I learned – I will not forget.  Alysha
Inspired to be myself, confident, speak up & don’t judge; like to become a firefighter/paramedic; learned to take risks.  This week was amazing!  Victoria
Loved the intensity and discipline; Camp Courage made me believe in myself for everything; liked learning about all three fields; was inspired by how hard women work to get what they want-I will never give up on my goals; learned to try everything & have confidence in yourself.  Claire
Camp Courage made me a stronger person; Camp inspired me to keep pushing, keep trying; learned to never give up on anything & that is going to help me so much in life.  Megan M.
My experience here will last a lifetime; inspired whether you think you can or can’t either way you’re right; learned to tell myself I can and have NO limits.  Madison
I feel like there is nothing outside of my reach; I know never to say “I can’t” to anything because I can do anything I set my mind to it.  Julie
This is an amazing camp; inspired me to push myself past my boundaries.  Kaylee
Inspired that I can do anything I put my mind to; Camp showed me I can do whatever I put my mind to.  Unidentified
Especially liked-always kept busy-hands on; inspired to live every day, don’t judge & girls can kick butt!; learned to push myself because I CAN do it.  Haley
Especially liked meeting new people & inspiring role models; disliked that it was ending; inspired never to give up, if you do something wrong, apologize, then “drop down and gimme twenty”; will apply all lessons learned-and fitness.  Christina

Best people, selfless, caring, strong minded, light hearted, inspiring, funny, super great sense of humor, lovely, cheerful, the kindest, most encouraging people I have ever met, supportive, brave, hilarious, kind, calm, sweet and very talented at their jobs, beautiful personality, nice, helpful, treat us with respect, pleasant, amazing, fantastic, open and easy to relate to, informative, interesting, super sweet, super friendly, helpful, cool, awesome, great, outgoing, phenomenal, empowering, funny, educational, great influence, fun, amazing, enthusiastic…you guys are so bomb diggity

Definitley what I am doing when I am finished school.  Unknown
I am considering being a paramedic!  Morgan, 16

I will be a great paramedic! Jessica, 17

I would like to be a paramedic.  Jena, 16
I really enjoyed the back board portion.  Best two days I have had in a while!  Chelsea, 15

I love all the hands on stuff.  Nicole F,17
I didn’t know 90% of the things they told us until camp.  I loved the simulator.  Annika, 15

I learned about biology and chemistry and the human body.  Justice, 18 

I am interested in being a paramedic.  Justice, 18
The cardiac arrest part was really fun to do!  Kaitlyn, 15
I learned a lot more than I thought I would.  Lillian, 15
The instructors made me feel 100% confident in para medicine.  I learned at least 5 things from every person.Kerry-Lynn, 18
I learned so much about CPR, IV’s etc.  MacKaela, 15
I want to become a medic now!  Lisa, 17
My first choice for a career is paramedic.  Sarah, 17
I especially liked the paramedic days.  Ivy, 16

I learned a lot from the drug presentation, I might like to be an undercover cop.  Nicole F., 17
I had a great experience and learned a lot more than I had expected.  I loved the scenarios, the presentations and the effort you gals/guys put in for us!  I would like to be a police officer.  Lillian, 15
I can’t wait to join.  MacKaela, 15
I had lots of fun with the dogs and the horses.  Jena, 16
I knew the police jobs were difficult, but I realized it’s a whole lot harder than I thought. You girls have to be extremely mentally and physically fit and it amazes me how strong you all are.  Hats off to you! Kaitlyn, 15
I have a lot of respect for the police now that I see what they do and go through. –Chelsea, 15
I had an amazing time and learned so much.  It was one of the best experiences of my life!!   You have all inspired me for my future. Morgan, 16

You guys were the perfect mix of strict and friendly.  Loved the marching!  Unknown
I would love to be a police officer.  Nicole B, 16
It was it was very intense but, very great!  Sarah, 17
Self-defense and the shooting were the most interesting.  This is definitely what I want to do.  Kennedy, 15
I loved the police days, they were my favorite.  Kathleen, 15
I love the scenario.  Annika, 15
I had fun chasing the bad guy.  I would like to be a crime scene investigator.  Josiane, 17
100% I want to be a police officer.  Brooke, 19
Both the RCMP and HRPD are AWESOME.  Lisa, 17
I would like to be a Regional or RCMP officer.  Maerrin, 16

You guys taught me confidence and discipline. I had so much fun.  I look up to firefighters more now.  Unknown
So much respect for you, were your gear all the time.  I felt terrified to be honest, although I knew I was safe.  Ivy, 16

I learned new things everyday loved learning how to repel and go through confined space.  Kennedy, 15
So much respect and hard work put into this. Lillian, 15
All the firefighters inspire me.  You are Hero’s!  Thank you!!!!  Unknown
I completed all the challenges and got over my fear of heights.  I was nervous but I felt safe.  I am looking into a career in firefighting.  Kathleen, 15
It was an amazing opportunity.  I would like to be a career firefighter 110%  Annika, 15
This part of the program gave me a better understanding of life of a Halifax firefighter.  I am more knowledgeable on what it takes to become one.  Justice, 18

It was tiring but so worth it.  Morgan, 16
I was terrified to heights but the mentors helped me through it and I went to the top. Nicole B, 15
I especially liked the climbing ladder, going out the window and the cars.  Nicole F, 17

Fire days were such an adrenaline rush for me, the ladder climb was amazing!  Kerry-Lynn
I have a lot of respect for the profession.  MacKaela, 15
Fire all the way!  Lisa, 17

I really liked the ladder and the repelling.  My first choice for a career is a fire fighter.  Jena, 16
I especially liked fire days and want to be a firefighter.  Julia, 16

I am more confident than before.  Jessica, 17
I know a lot more leaving, then I did coming in.  Chelsea, 15
The whole experience was amazing!  Lisa, 17

Camp courage made me feel like I can do anything!  The best part about camp was meeting everyone and getting to build that bond and doing things.  Morgan, 16

I think being surrounded by people who supported and shared my career choice really helped.  It made me feels validated. Maerrin, 16

I will apply what I learned at camp courage and volunteer more and be more positive.  Jena, 16
I was inspired to believe in myself and that I can do anything.  Lillian, 15
No one can stop me and I will never give up.  Nicole F, 17
Push through, be more positive, you can be whatever you like.  Try hard at whatever you do.

I will apply what I learned at camp and have confidence throughout life.  Justice, 18

Camp courage showed me a better outlook on life.  Annika, 15
I am inspired to be more active, have COURAGE and always keep a positive attitude.  Jessica, 17
I see myself as a stronger person now.  Camp taught me how to believe in myself and be more confident in myself.  I want to protect people and be a leader.  MacKaela, 15
People never cheered me on or believed in me as much as all these girls and mentors did.  It is such an amazing feeling.  Kaitlyn, 15
I liked that we were always doing something fun.  Erin, 16

I loved all of Camp Courage.  I especially liked the encouragement and discipline.  I feel amazing.  I will experience everything I can in life and never say can`t.  Kerry-Lynn, 18
I especially like the different aspect of camp and that people respected you and encouraged you to do your best!  Camp Courage inspired me to believe in myself, I can do anything. Josiane, 17
Camp courage inspired me to not make judgments.  Julia, 16
I will apply what I learned at camp courage, structure will be inputted with the way in which I do things.  Sarah, 17



Amazing people, funny, nice, very kind, positive, approachable, friendly, encouraging, happy to answer questions, interactive, patient, took extra care, helpful, fun, cheerful, supportive, relatable, attentive, happy, safe, warm, awesome, knowledgeable, calming, sweet, energetic, fantastic, outgoing, very smart, strict, intelligent, insightful, great, enthusiastic, easy to talk to, engaging, informative, welcoming, interesting, empowering, inspirational, they all cheered us on



I feel like I can save a life now.  Julia

The atmosphere of both paramedic days was incredible and made me feel comfortable asking lots of questions.  Abygael

It was all very interactive! I felt engaged the whole time! Emily

I learned more in 2 days then I have ever before.  Katie

Performing on the mannequins was fun.  Michelle

Had an amazing 2 days! Definitely would do again in a heartbeat!  Abby

I gained a lot of confidence during the labs and stations.  Ellie

I saw how fit you need to be.  Olivia

I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.  Katie

Crossfit was fun, obstacle course was awesome and got me pumped up!  Julia

LifeFlight was very interesting and I can imagine doing it someday.  Julia

I was nervous of the needles at first but realized I wasn’t going to accidently poke myself.  Natalie

Yes!!!!  I would love to be a paramedic.  Katie



Was a very fun, intense 2 days and I now want to be a police officer more than ever! Abby

I wasn’t considering it before but I am now.  Abygael

I was smiling so much, I love drill!  Cheyenne

There is so much I thought I knew but this really opened my eyes.  Grace

It’s a huge responsibility.  Mia

I didn’t know how much teamwork is used.  Lauren

Really enjoyed the police days! I learned the most.  Emily

I always wanted to be a police officer.  Lauren

Easy instruction, hard task.  Olyvia

I learned so much new and interesting stuff I loved it.  Kelsey

I learned lots and I had so much fun! I didn’t know there were so many jobs as a cop! Cheyenne

They taught that communication is very important.  Chloe

I loved learning how to properly hold and shoot a gun.  Jenna

These past 2 days made me realize for sure I want to be a police officer.  Kelsey

I enjoyed the hands on stuff specially learning how you deal with specific situations like baton, pepper spray, and clearing a building.  Olivia

I would like to be a Police Officer in the RCMP, I want to be a part of the K-9 unit, I really love dogs and I believe I would have the best partner.  Mia

I found the police day scenarios especially empowering.  Ellie

It’s my dream to become a police officer.   Abby



Many activities put you outside of your comfort zone, which was great.  Olivia

I learned that firefighters do a lot more than I thought they did.  Cheyenne

I am very interested in becoming a firefighter after the camp.  Julia

It’s a lot of hard work and so much commitment, but I’m willing to face the challenges to try and be a part of a team.  Mia

Its my dream job.  Grace

I absolutely loved the 2 fire days I was exhausted after but I had so much fun and loved each and each activity!  Katie

Nothing was easy but we had a lot of support in each task.  Abygael

Fire days were the best days!  Natalie

Fire was the best. Glad it was so physical and hands on!  Kelsey

I got over my fear of heights because of the mentors.  Caitlynn

I didn’t know how heavy the SCBA’s were.  Lauren

I am back and forth between police and firefighting.  Jenna

I am considering becoming a firefighter.  Abygael



I had so much fun I’d totally do this camp again next year if I could.  Desiree

I enjoyed the challenges that were presented. They helped me become stronger. Caitlynn

Thank you for showing us to love ourselves.  Caitlynn

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity; the volunteers make it a lot better!  Chloe

Very glad to have had the opportunity to be here and meet amazing people. The learning experience was awesome and very fun.  Jenna

I learned so much and had so much fun and am so happy I got to experience everything.  Katie

This is an awesome camp, great atmosphere and people. Good meals as well. Thank you!  Desirée

Too much fun, if I could do this every summer I would, without any hesitation.  Desirée

I can do anything and everything that I put my mind to and nobody can tell me that I wouldn’t be able to do it.  Miriam

If I want something bad enough I will achieve it.  Miriam

I stepped out of my comfort zone, and I know I can face any challenge.  Mia

Believe in yourself, push yourself to your limits, and never doubt.  Mia

I’ll remember what I have done at camp I didn’t think I could do, I’ll remember what every mentor said about believing in yourself.  Mia

Camp Courage gave me a new perspective.  Lauren

I made lasting friendships.  Ellie

I learned that I can do anything I set my mind to, and that girls rock!  Grace

I will apply what I learned at Camp Courage by always loving myself, and helping others.  Grace

Just a positive environment to be in. – Katie

I liked how hands on all the activities were and how neat some of the activities were.   Katie

I learned you can do anything you set your mind to.  Katie

Honestly, I liked everything but if I had to choose one thing it’s the atmosphere, you become such a mini-family with all the other campers and mentors and it’s an amazing thing.  Abbey

I could say I disliked the push-ups but they made me stronger, I could say I didn’t like waking up early but it was always worth it.  Abby

I especially liked becoming a team.  Mya

Paramedic Testimonials
I learned things I didn’t know before.  Some of the best two days of my life.  I can’t wait to work with them.  I am extremely sad that Paramedic days are over.  I had an amazing 2 days and I would really like to enter into this world.  I am very interested in medicine and I have a big drive to help people. Emmalee
Great energy and positive vibes.  I felt welcomed every day.  All mentors made me feel confident in not only what I was doing but about myself as well.  Only the 3rd day of and I learned so much and so grateful for everything.  Samantha
I loved doing the stations.  So much info.  Definitely had fun.  Would like to be a Paramedic.  Suturing and driving were so much fun.  Tori
I want to be a paramedic because I have always wanted to help people and I feel this is the job for me.  I loved everything we did.  Helena
I loved how encouraging and uplifting the mentors are.  Mikela
I love how upbeat and helpful everyone is.  Rylee Ann
Definitely the staff are the best.  I wish had more time to spend with them.  I had so much fun I can’t even describe it.  Paramedic work would never get boring.  Helen
I never knew all the things medics go through.  I didn’t have a station I didn’t like because they were all unique.   Courtney
I was surround by amazing people. I kept asking questions until I ran out. Love, love, love them all. Émilie
It was interesting to learn about the different medicines.  It was fun working with new people.  I loved meeting all of you.  Lhazin
I have overcome all my fears of needles!  100% the mentors make everything better.  I thought everything was interesting.  Kathleen
I was able to ask questions without being afraid.  I loved absolutely everything.  Had a great 2 days.  Love the positive in all activities.  Natalie
Pretty cool job.  Shelby
Challenges were fun.  They pushed me but they were very interesting.  It was all hands on and I liked that.  I learned more than I thought I would.  I had so much fun, but the driving was the best.  They are all very fun people to be with.  Amber
Everyone was very welcoming.  I have a lot more respect for them.  Viviana
The obstacle course was really fun.  Laiden
Presentations were informative.  Mentors were amazing.  Emma H.
I love the mentors.  Emma S.
I really enjoyed all the stations I would rate them all as 5/5.  Mitchell
At first, I was nervous but came out of my shell. I felt good to be able to ask the mentors if I didn’t understand and that they would explain it better.   The mentors made everything fun and enjoyable and were extremely supportive. I truly enjoyed everything.  The past two days gave me a whole other outlook on becoming a Paramedic and it made me want to go back to school tomorrow.  I want to be a Paramedic.  Mikayla
I really liked the needles simulator.  Kelsey
I found all the challenges doable. I want to be a Paramedic because its medical and adrenaline mixed together. I had an awesome time and love every single mentor and I am sad now that it’s over.  Marnie
All the instructors were amazing.  I learned so much and had so much fun.  I loved Paramedic days.  Madison
The mentors were great.  Audra

 Police Testimonials

This was amazing. I’m so grateful.  I want to be a Police Officer.  Madison
Learned a huge amount.  The scenarios were fun!  Mikela
I liked how detailed the instructions were.  Lhazin
The RCMP has so many different options, I didn’t know that!  I loved trying to shoot and the scenarios. All the activities and presentations were amazing!! I got to try things that I thought I would never get to try!  Thank-you all so much!  Helen
Everything was well explained, a great two days!  Marnie
I enjoyed all the activities it’s hard to pick the top 3.  I enjoyed seeing the police dog, Recon.  Mikayla
I learned way more than I learned in school.  I had a lot of fun.  Viviana
I really liked the scenarios and shooting.  I want to be a Police Officer and I came in wanting nothing to do with it and now I want to be one.  Kelsey
I have never done drill before, which was totally new for me.  All the mentors were super patient and loved to help.  Courtney
I learned a lot about real policing. I loved shooting the simulated guns.  It was fun to see the more down to earth side of Police Officers.  Emmalee H.
I have a better appreciation for what Police Officers do.  Helena
Very fun activities.  Natalie
I loved the challenges they gave me; they were a lot of fun! I learned so much and it made me want to be an officer more. I had so much fun, it was hard to pick the best part!  I would like to be a Department of Fisheries Officer.  Amber
I learned a lot more than I thought.  I enjoyed every moment. I love the law and everything about it. I  will be a police officer one day! – Kathleen
It was hard but rewarding!  I want to be a Police Officer because it just feels right.  Shelby
With confidence, I felt safe with what I was doing and made me feel I could succeed.  Great relationships with the mentors made me not feel like I was alone.  I am interested in policing because Camp Courage provided more knowledge about the career and I feel more confident in choosing that career path.  Samantha
I had fun facing new challenges. I loved learning and interacting with the different people and equipment. This made me love policing ten times more.  I can’t wait till the time comes for me to become a Police Officer.  Mitchell
Everything was so fun and I got to try a lot of new.  Everything was interesting and made you want to try.  My favorite part so far!!  Thank-you.  Laiden
Before I never knew what drill was.  The scenarios were so much fun.  Also, I loved shooting the guns.  It takes a lot of training, but it would be worth it! – Emma S.
So many cool things to learn.  Emma H.
I am really interested in ERT and canine work – Émilie S.
I want to help people so I want to be a Police Officer.  Rylee-Anne
I want to become an RCMP Officer.  Unknown


Firefighting Testimonials

Firefighting days 100% challenged me, but I especially liked the opportunity to overcome my fears (ladder climb and repelling).  Proving to myself that I could do everything made it so much more fun! I did things I never thought I could do.  I CAN DO IT! Extremely happy and proud of myself.  Emmalee H.
I learned so so much, so interesting and had so much fun!  Madison
So much fun that I would like to everything twice or more.  Samantha
Firefighters do way more than I thought. Rylee-Anne
I now want to be a volunteer firefighter.  Shelby
I learned so much!  I 100% want to be a firefighter.  I want to be a firefighter because it’s the perfect job for me.  Viviana
I really like repelling out the window.  Kelsey
I finished the skill stations, some of them with a lot of difficulty but I did it!  Mitchell
I was able to do everything and it was awesome!  I was pushed and had so much fun.  I came into camp wanting to be a firefighter and now I’m sure I’m going to be one.  I am so grateful for all of these opportunities thank-you for giving me these experiences!!  Laiden
They triple checked for our safety and we were surrounded by Paramedics so I felt really safe.  I learned so so so much.  110% I would love to be a firefighter.  Emilie
Best days of my life! Even though I was sick I still had an amazing time.  I would totally do it again in a heartbeat! Firefighting is the best career that I’ve seen.  I want to be a firefighter.  Emma S.
I liked that everyone cheered me on!  I wouldn’t change anything about Fire Days or the whole camp! I truly enjoy being a firefighter and would like to be one in a bigger city.  Mikayla
Ask questions!  You learn way more.  I had to push myself but I did complete all the challenges presented to me.  I honestly can’t pick the most interesting activities.  I enjoyed everything.  It was a really great experience.  My goal is to become a firefighter.  Courtney
I learned that firefighters are so strong.  Combat Challenge was so much fun.  Tori
May have had some fears but I’ve overcome.  I gained confidence throughout.  The most fun I ever had. I enjoyed every moment with everyone!  All of it was amazing.  I am so grateful for trying everything!  Kathleen
Some skills were challenging but the mentors would show you how to overcome the challenge and it felt awesome.  I felt that I had so much support.  I learned so much especially that it is possible for me to do anything.  I want to be a volunteer firefighter.  Natalie
I learned a lot more about opportunities and the many sides of firefighting.  The days were filled with a good activity/relax ratio.  I loved never being still.  We were always moving! Search and rescue were my favorite activities.  Marnie
Some of the skill stations were challenging but really fun to complete.  I was taught all sorts of useful skills.  I had a great time and loved everything.  Firefighting is one of the careers I am considering.  Mikela
I would like to get my levels so I can fight fires. I had so much fun that I can’t put it into words – Amber
I have so much respect for each and every one of the firefighters.  What they do is awesome and I had so much fun learning about it!  Thank-you all so much.  Helen
It was nice getting to know the mentors.  I have so much respect for the firefighters.  I would like to be a firefighter and save lives.  Lhazin
Firefighting is my dream career! I am going to be a firefighter.  I loved it all.  Everything was great!  Emma H.
I learned a lot.  Audra
I didn’t back down from any of the challenges.  I gained confidence. I want to be a volunteer firefighter! Helena
I want to be a firefighter because it makes me my best self and it’s just the service I love.  Unknown
I want to be a firefighter because it feels right.  Unknown



What Campers Thought of Mentors
I especially liked: the empowerment that I felt being there, the atmosphere, everyone was super supportive, being around an amazing group of people who will make you feel the best about yourself and getting the opportunities to experience these careers.

The mentors were: nice, great, wonderful, amazing, kind, helpful, the best, you ROCK, super fun, make everything better, very good, welcoming, made everything enjoyable, extremely supportive, easy to get along with, they told us we could do anything, they all have my back, I could go to them for anything, super positive, super strong, funny, the amount of support I had at camp was unreal, such great personalities, everyone cheered us on, sweet and easy to talk to.

I built positive relationships with the mentors but not with as many as I would like because I would have like to have gotten to know each and every one of them!  Helen

General Comments
It takes a lot to be a first responder, being fit helps a lot.  Natalie
I will apply what I have learned by being kind and respecting others.  Rylee-Anne
The inspiration I received from Camp Courage is that you can do whatever you put your mind to.  Madison
I felt so happy and safe.  Samantha
I will apply what I learned by having the courage to do better … taking more risk … that things don’t come easy unless you work for it … self-confidence.  Samantha
I can do anything I put my mind to.  Emmalee
I will try things even if I think I can’t do them.  I especially liked smashing cars!  And so many other things!  Rappelling, climbing the ladder, CPR, shooting and so many others.  Helen
I liked all the activity that we were moving all the time.  I got to make lifelong friendships.  Amber
I will apply what I learned from Camp Courage by being more confident and being more open minded.  Unknown
I will keep pushing myself to try new things.  Inspirations from Camp Courage are to keep working and never give up cuz I can do it!  Laiden
I feel so much more confident in myself.  Emma
I learned to work hard, never give up and you can do whatever you set your mind to.  Emma
I will continue to push myself and believe in myself more.  The amount of support I had at camp was unreal!  Everyone was super positive.  I will absolutely promote the camp!  What a great experience.  Natalie
My confidence went up 100 km/hr.  I especially liked the empowerment and huge support system.  Marnie
I learned about being a better leader and working as a team.  I understand the other careers better and have more confidence in myself to do better.  I will tell as many people as possible about Camp Courage.  Helena
I will apply my confidences in my everyday life.  Lhazin
I liked the environment and all the positivity from the mentors.  I am inspired to be more confident and face fears and so much more.  I want to be a Police Officer and a Camp Mentor someday.  Kathleen
I liked how I was able to experience so many things and how active it was.  I was intrigued by the Paramedics and the bravery of a firefighter is awesome so I am not sure which one I will choose.  I felt inspired to make a difference in my community and life style.  I am going to try new things and be especially nice towards people.  Mikela