Welcome to Camp Courage a Police, Fire and Paramedic Camp! Listed below are the community businesses and organizations that have so graciously and generously made donations to assist our camp in being a success. Please take time to patronize these organizations and let then know how much you appreciate their support.

Through their generous support, these local businesses and organizations, have displayed their confidence in not only the success of this camp, but also in you, and in helping build strong leaders among the young women of our community.

Use of Equipment, Facilities, Personnel

Halifax Regional Fire Service
Halifax Regional Police
Halifax Regional Corporate Communications
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Emergency Health Services
Emergency Medical Care

Cash Donations

Province of NS
Passmore Inspection & Consulting Ltd
St. Margaret’s Bay Lions Club
EMC  50/50 draws 

Product Donations

Dove Self Esteem fund-shirts
Atlantic Superstore


Lakeside Volunteer Fire Association
Eastern Passage & Cow Bay Fire Department
Lakeview, Waverly, Fall River Fire Station

Halifax Councillors

District 3 Bill Karsten
District 4 Lorelei Nicoll
District 5 Sam Austin
District 6 Tony Mancini
District 7 Waye Mason
District 8 Lindell Smith
District 10 Russell Walker
District 13 Matt Whitman
District 14 Lisa Blackburn
District 15 Steve Craig
District 16 Tim Outhit


Passmore Inspection and Consulting
Peverill & Associates Inc.
Maison Larochelle Bed and Breakfast

All the countless volunteers and individuals that made selfless contributions to make this camp such a great success!