Safety Information

Our staff of professional firefighters, police, and paramedics provides an exceptionally safe experience. All activities include many levels of built-in safety. Trained, experienced personnel will conduct and supervise all training.

  • We require an emergency contact for each participant.
  • We require participants to be covered by medical insurance for the week of camp.

If a camper cannot meet the requirements of participation, or displays disruptive behavioral problems, the candidate may be sent home and/or asked to leave the camp.

Clothes and Food

  • Participants will need to wear the following items as well as bring one extra set in a labeled bag: athletic shoes (no sandals/flip flops), T-shirt, black shorts, socks and a ball cap with a beak.  Please add a sweat shirt and a pair of sweatpants to your bag in case of cold weather.
  • Camp T-shirts and all personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided.
  • Participants will have lunch, snacks, water and sports drinks available to them each day.  Campers having special dietary needs are asked to provide their own meals.

    Cost and Transportation

    • The camp is held at no cost to the participants.
    • Each day participants are responsible for transportation to and from camp.