What to Expect:

  • To have fun
  • To discover that this camp is very different from other camps
  • To make new, cool friends
  • To physically exert yourself
  • To spend a lot of time together with emergency personnel
  • To be on your best behavior
  • To try many new, exciting, different things
  • To learn a lot about others and yourself
  • To be exhausted
  • To be challenged and frustrated at times
  • To learn a lot about the emergency services
  • To see new and unusual things
  • To do lots of hands on exercises
  • To follow rules – even when you don’t agree with them
  • To do things you have never done before
  • To have a ridiculous amount of fun
  • To be sad when the program ends

What not to Expect:

  • To have others pick up after you
  • To have a lot of free time
  • To have a lot of privacy – all activities are group activities
  • To have everything explained to you personally
  • To have things go the way you planned
  • To ever regret your camp experience